Monday, February 22, 2010

On Oblivion

Recently I've returned to Xbox Live. I hadn't been online in over a month, until I thought of something: if I can't play World of Warcraft, then I'll play the next best RPG (in my opinion). Oblivion; It's such an awesome and beautiful game. It's WoW without the MMO. Recently I've been kept busy completing the Mages & Fighters Guild questlines (I've already done the Theives Guild and the Dark Brotherhood). Now that I'm done with those, all I have left to do is get the Shivering Isles achievements. I'm also working on the Knights of the Nine expansion, and I'm almost done with that. But once I'm done with it -- what next? I can keep pining after WoW. But I can't anymore, no matter how much I want to. I need to buy Fallout 3 (but what do I do when I'm done with it too? O_o).


Onto a more WoW related topic. I'm using one of the locked shared topics on It's about Online Friends vs. Real Live Friends. I'll compare and contrast list.

Online friends: Have never seen you and therefore cannot judge you by looks.
Real friends: Can be judgmental and prejudiced based upon how you look.

Online friends: You can just turn off the game if they get upset with you.
Real friends: You have to stand there looking all bothered in front of them.

Online friends: Can almost always be counted on to be online to talk to you.
Real friends: Aren't always available.

Online friends: Awesome experiences ingame. Leveling together, raiding together, etc.
Real friends: Good times RL can easily go downhill when someone says something the slightest bit wrong. Plus, they don't even know how to play WoW with you.

Online friends:
Are just a voice. Much easier to connect to someone through just a voice rather than meeting them RL.
Real friends: Are nerve wracking to meet.

Online friends: Can be trusted, since it is more that likely that they live no where near you, and therefore can't tell anyone your dirty secrets and whatnot.
Real friends: I don't know about you, but I can't trust anyone RL. Too much shit happens with them.

I'll switch to the positives about RL friends before I get too carried away.

Real friends: Can hug you.
Online friends: Can't.

Real friends: Can come over your house with Ben and Jerry's to cry with you.
Online friends: Can only console you through the internets.

Real friends: Are just overall tangible people. It's a good thing I guess.
Online friends: Are not.


Oddly enough, I think online friends are better. For the reasons above and for many others. I mean I have some amazing friends RL, but online friends are just trustworthy. And they MUST be fun--they play WoW! I've had some awesome friends ingame. I keep in touch with one, but rarely, unfortunately. I miss everyone else. I should reach out to them again. That may not be such a good idea though, as it'd make me want the game back even more. This sucks, lol.

Maybe it's time I move on? I don't want to, though.


Nenunial said...

Hmm, this Oblivion game sounds cool!
My suggestion for when you finish your game, is to buy Borderlands. If you liked Fallout, you'll certainly love Borderlands. Plus the female character has a bit of a 'magic' element to her.
Online friends, though they have the upper hand in your post, cannot always be there for you, and you cannot always be online. But, I concede, online friends rock!
I don't want to move on either, that's why I blog.
BTW, great blog!

Alexy said...

I should continue to blog shouldn't I? XD

I played Borderlands back when it came out...I never finished, though. I have a 43 Siren ^_^

Thank you for reading & for your comment...I think you've inspired me to continue blogging :P

Nenunial said...

Yes, please do continue to blog! Your writing style is fun and easy to follow. You've got a great blog here! Maybe we can still help you find a way to get WoW back.

Really? So do I! You play on the Xbox though, yes?

Not a problem, anytime! Please do continue! I look forwards to reading more of your posts, as well as commenting.

Alexy said...

Thanks so much! I plan on starting to write'll be surprised about what I've got in store for my first entry back ^.^

And yes, I do play on xbox. xD

If I may ask, how did you come across my blog? I look forward to your comments on my new entries :D


Nenunial said...

Oh! A surprise! I looove surprises!

I came across your blog through that 'related blog button' that I saw one day (On a blogspot blog).

I wish I could say I found your blog through something more solid and reliable, but I can't. Sorry! I'm still thanking Elune that I had the luck to stumble across your blog.

And I look forward to reading your new posts.