Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Class IRL

I picked an old shared topic on to write about today.

What class would you be IRL?: Follow this with reasons, and perhaps even reasons why you'd be a certain spec!

Honestly, I've given it some serious thought in the past. Myoji being my first character, a druid and all, made me think "hey, I'd probably be a druid." Well I'm wrong. Considering druids shapeshift, adapt to various situations, already says that I'm NOT one of them. Druids draw their power from nature. I'm not a nature girl at all. That being said, let me go onto what class I think I really am.

Lucky for me, Totalia is a Holy Paladin. Paladins are known for being defenders of the weak. I consider myself someone who stands up for others that are put down, and for what I believe in. They stand for what is pure and good, and are completely against all evil. I'm definitely a good seed, but I won't go into that. The holy talent tree lacks flexibility and are often limited to PvP. Totalia is a PvE healer, she did a little of both, though. But being that the holy tree isn't flexible--that definitely describes me. Being limited to certain things. And considering change as undesirable, hehe. Paladins have strong defensive abilities. Of course, the meaning in game is different than it is RL, but I certainly am defensive. Ask anyone.


My step dad keeps insisting that I won't have my desktop back this summer. We're gonna prove him wrong.

A Blood Elf Paladin, in an awesome outfit, I might add.