Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google can be Cruel

For some reason I had the urge to do a google search on "I miss World of Warcraft." Big mistake, at least I think so. The articles, comments and such made me feel even more pathetic than I already am (for wanting to play it so bad). I'll post a few excerpts from these cruel search results, lol.

The first result was a Yahoo! Answer. This person asked:

"Hi, I used to play WoW for a year until patch 3.0 (WotLK) was released. now that "Wrath of the Lich King" is out and everyone have reached level 80 I feel depressed. I left the game because school started and my parents asked me to stop playing it because it was affecting my life and school work, I agreed because it was ruining my life......I keep watching WotLK videos on YouTube and it makes me feel worse. What do you think I should do? If you think I shouldn't start it again, then how should forget it?"
Immediately I was like, "Oh god this person sounds just as lame as I do." And the answers were awful. I mean, it's not like I didn't know I was an addict beforehand, but hearing it in such a hard manner was just...ouch.
"I know it may sound really harsh but : Get a life."

"I really don't suggest you play again. It's like a cocaine addict saying he'll just try a little more, then stop. It's really hard to control. Just completely cut yourself off if you want to stop. Don't keep watching videos and what not."

"Well, WoW's agenda is to hook you into playing a lot, and very often. This obviously wouldn't work out because your school life and personal life are much more important than your character and the virtual items your character earns."
Well that was nice. Ha. It's all true, but still. I want it! The Yahoo! Answers page is located here.

I also found a couple old "missing WoW" articles on They're from 2006 and '07. I'm posting links if you're interested.

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Thank you for putting up with me. ^_^