Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starting Over

I'm posting in advance on a new shared topic on BlogAzeroth.com; 29th March 2010: Starting Over.

If you had the chance to start all over again in WoW, but your char is already level 80, or level 1 depending on if you like to level or not :>. What class would you pick? What race? What faction?
Why would you pick that class/race/faction?

And most of all what would you plan to do with it? Raid, PvP or just hang out in Dalaran?

It just fascinates me what people would do if they would be given the option to start all over again on the highest level, would you pick the same class you play now or would you make your secret wish of playing (say) a mage come true?

As much as I love Totalia and Myoji, I'd have to say being a warlock is my secret wish. I love leveling, especially with friends, so I would start off at level 1. In all honesty, I think warlocks are pretty kick ass. I love the dark magic, draining life from enemies, and the summoning of demons. I'm not already a warlock because I feel like I'd be horrible at it. Healing's my thing.

My warlock would be a female human. Female humans look so cute and innocent (well, depending on how you make her look), so I think it'd be cool to have an innocent looking girl be a bad ass. Since I've never seriously participated in PvP, my warlock would have a spec as such. Warlocks have occasionally (really, only a few times, I swear!) kicked my healer ass. I wanna do that too. :3

I'm sure I could get used to rolling as warlock, so if I had lost Totalia and Myoji, I'd definitely make a warlock. But losing them would be the end of the world, and I don't intend on letting that happen. Well actually, it already happened, but if I went back to WoW they'd still exist.

If you're a warlock, comment with your secrets! XD

Monday, February 22, 2010

On Oblivion

Recently I've returned to Xbox Live. I hadn't been online in over a month, until I thought of something: if I can't play World of Warcraft, then I'll play the next best RPG (in my opinion). Oblivion; It's such an awesome and beautiful game. It's WoW without the MMO. Recently I've been kept busy completing the Mages & Fighters Guild questlines (I've already done the Theives Guild and the Dark Brotherhood). Now that I'm done with those, all I have left to do is get the Shivering Isles achievements. I'm also working on the Knights of the Nine expansion, and I'm almost done with that. But once I'm done with it -- what next? I can keep pining after WoW. But I can't anymore, no matter how much I want to. I need to buy Fallout 3 (but what do I do when I'm done with it too? O_o).


Onto a more WoW related topic. I'm using one of the locked shared topics on BlogAzeroth.com. It's about Online Friends vs. Real Live Friends. I'll compare and contrast list.

Online friends: Have never seen you and therefore cannot judge you by looks.
Real friends: Can be judgmental and prejudiced based upon how you look.

Online friends: You can just turn off the game if they get upset with you.
Real friends: You have to stand there looking all bothered in front of them.

Online friends: Can almost always be counted on to be online to talk to you.
Real friends: Aren't always available.

Online friends: Awesome experiences ingame. Leveling together, raiding together, etc.
Real friends: Good times RL can easily go downhill when someone says something the slightest bit wrong. Plus, they don't even know how to play WoW with you.

Online friends:
Are just a voice. Much easier to connect to someone through just a voice rather than meeting them RL.
Real friends: Are nerve wracking to meet.

Online friends: Can be trusted, since it is more that likely that they live no where near you, and therefore can't tell anyone your dirty secrets and whatnot.
Real friends: I don't know about you, but I can't trust anyone RL. Too much shit happens with them.

I'll switch to the positives about RL friends before I get too carried away.

Real friends: Can hug you.
Online friends: Can't.

Real friends: Can come over your house with Ben and Jerry's to cry with you.
Online friends: Can only console you through the internets.

Real friends: Are just overall tangible people. It's a good thing I guess.
Online friends: Are not.


Oddly enough, I think online friends are better. For the reasons above and for many others. I mean I have some amazing friends RL, but online friends are just trustworthy. And they MUST be fun--they play WoW! I've had some awesome friends ingame. I keep in touch with one, but rarely, unfortunately. I miss everyone else. I should reach out to them again. That may not be such a good idea though, as it'd make me want the game back even more. This sucks, lol.

Maybe it's time I move on? I don't want to, though.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Farewell to World of Warcraft

Today I want to share a video with you guys. If you scroll all the way down to my first entry, a blog reader of mine linked the video to me. It's about someone who quit WoW, and it shows the memories this person has experienced throughout their WoW "career". I think it's an awesome representation of my situation, as well as every other player that has had to quit the game. Don't tell anyone, but I got all teary eyed when I watched it. xD

Friday, February 12, 2010

Character name origin & First time playing

Before I start today's post, I wanted to share a couple articles posted on the blogs of other BlogAzeroth members. The shared topic was about why people play WoW, and what it does for them in their personal lives. The shared topic says:

"I've felt lately that in these difficult times, one of the things people seem to lack is hope. Yet one of the things we, as gamers and bloggers seem to have a lot of are hope-filled stories. How many amazing people have we met through this "silly game"? How many inspiring stories of personal strength outside of the game have we learned of BECAUSE of the game? I'm sure you have a story, and I ask you all to share them."
The two posts I read based on this topic bascially described why I play(ed) WoW. So I figured I'd share them:
Faith, Hope, and Love  &  Teenage Wasteland or Fantastic Voyage?
They talk about the ideology of a gamer and what playing the game does for them.


So for today I picked another previous shared topic off of BlogAzeroth.com. It goes something like this:

Character Name Origin: #1 - How did you come up with you character names? This can include alts. Like do you have a theme?
#2 - Your first time playing WoW. Tell us how "noob" you were way back when, whether that was 3mo or 3y ago, share your first experience in WoW.

1.) I'll start with Myoji, since there really isn't too much of a story to her name. At the time that I made her, I was especially into Japanese culture.  I googled "Japanese names" and went through lists and lists, and I never found any to my satisfaction. A few pages into my google search, there was a Wikipedia article on common Japanese surnames. One was Myoji. The article said it was pronounce me-oou-ji, but I didn't want to believe it. I decided it would be pronounced me-oh-ji. It made me happy. There's Myoji for you.

As for Totalia, she has even less of a background story to her name. I had her all set up on the character screen, but I just couldn't think of what to name her. At the same time, I was talking to my cousin on AIM. His online alias is Totalitus. So I was like, "lol, Totalia for a girl." And there you have it.

2.) When I first started playing, I was probably the biggest noob that had ever played the game. Well, maybe not, but whatever. I got the little armored guy on the side of the screen while I was playing, that told me my armor was broken, but I didn't know it at the time. I kept thinking to myself, "Why did that red guy appear and now it won't go away?" I kept dying after being hit two or three times, and I didn't understand why at the time. I didn't even figure it out until level 10. Stop laughing at me D: !

Another noobish thing I did was I kept the same gear on from level 20 to 35-ish. I didn't even realize gear was relevent until my friend said, "Wow you have terrible gear. Don't you change it?" All I did was sell anything new that I had obtained.

I think that's enough noob for one day. I feel ashamed to say it now, lol.

Until tomorrow (or until the next time I blog ^_^) !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Class IRL

I picked an old shared topic on BlogAzeroth.com to write about today.

What class would you be IRL?: Follow this with reasons, and perhaps even reasons why you'd be a certain spec!

Honestly, I've given it some serious thought in the past. Myoji being my first character, a druid and all, made me think "hey, I'd probably be a druid." Well I'm wrong. Considering druids shapeshift, adapt to various situations, already says that I'm NOT one of them. Druids draw their power from nature. I'm not a nature girl at all. That being said, let me go onto what class I think I really am.

Lucky for me, Totalia is a Holy Paladin. Paladins are known for being defenders of the weak. I consider myself someone who stands up for others that are put down, and for what I believe in. They stand for what is pure and good, and are completely against all evil. I'm definitely a good seed, but I won't go into that. The holy talent tree lacks flexibility and are often limited to PvP. Totalia is a PvE healer, she did a little of both, though. But being that the holy tree isn't flexible--that definitely describes me. Being limited to certain things. And considering change as undesirable, hehe. Paladins have strong defensive abilities. Of course, the meaning in game is different than it is RL, but I certainly am defensive. Ask anyone.


My step dad keeps insisting that I won't have my desktop back this summer. We're gonna prove him wrong.

A Blood Elf Paladin, in an awesome outfit, I might add.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google can be Cruel

For some reason I had the urge to do a google search on "I miss World of Warcraft." Big mistake, at least I think so. The articles, comments and such made me feel even more pathetic than I already am (for wanting to play it so bad). I'll post a few excerpts from these cruel search results, lol.

The first result was a Yahoo! Answer. This person asked:

"Hi, I used to play WoW for a year until patch 3.0 (WotLK) was released. now that "Wrath of the Lich King" is out and everyone have reached level 80 I feel depressed. I left the game because school started and my parents asked me to stop playing it because it was affecting my life and school work, I agreed because it was ruining my life......I keep watching WotLK videos on YouTube and it makes me feel worse. What do you think I should do? If you think I shouldn't start it again, then how should forget it?"
Immediately I was like, "Oh god this person sounds just as lame as I do." And the answers were awful. I mean, it's not like I didn't know I was an addict beforehand, but hearing it in such a hard manner was just...ouch.
"I know it may sound really harsh but : Get a life."

"I really don't suggest you play again. It's like a cocaine addict saying he'll just try a little more, then stop. It's really hard to control. Just completely cut yourself off if you want to stop. Don't keep watching videos and what not."

"Well, WoW's agenda is to hook you into playing a lot, and very often. This obviously wouldn't work out because your school life and personal life are much more important than your character and the virtual items your character earns."
Well that was nice. Ha. It's all true, but still. I want it! The Yahoo! Answers page is located here.

I also found a couple old "missing WoW" articles on ededtion.com. They're from 2006 and '07. I'm posting links if you're interested.

Wow...I Miss World Of Warcraft
Breaking Up with World of Warcraft

Thank you for putting up with me. ^_^

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I had posted some old screenshots in WoW on Facebook a year or two ago. While thinking of what to blog about next, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of those screeshots on my blog. Unfortunately Facebook re-sized them so they're not the best quality, and blogger cuts off part of them, but I'm posting them anyway. What's most important for you to see is there. Here goes.

This is from summer 2008. It's a picture of my best [online] friend Kayrana getting her epic flying mount for the first time (keep in mind this is pre wrath). She had been saving up for at least a month, so we were really excited when she finally got it.

Here's Myoji in here absolutely adorable healing outfit, showing off her non-exsistant muscles when she reached level 70. /flex ♥

Three of those flaming Kara mounts. Whatever they're called.

Ah, Lady Sylvanas. She is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Warcraft/WoW character. I love her background story. Really, she just amazes me somehow. This screenshot was taken after Totalia completed The Lady's Necklace quest.

Totalia made a leveling friend. Loooooong story. I had made a lame guild that I made a bunch of friends with. Profane happened to be one of them ^_^. The guild was originally called "Heath Ledger Needs a Rez", but we got reported and had to change it. To a stupid name.

Totalia fell. If you can squint really hard, it says [Totalia]: OMG

I made an alliance friend! She was a few levels lower than me, and I helped her level. A while later, her main character met me again (who was 80, and I was not), and spared me my life, and waved. Hehe.

I have a lot more screenshots, but obviously I can't post them all. I had hundreds before I had to rebuild my computer, and like an idiot I lost them all. Anyway, it was nice for me to walk down memory lane, lol I'm so cheesy. Looking through these made my day, really. But it also made me totally upset since I can't make anymore memories like this.

I want my computer back! D:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Background Information

I guess you can say that I'm a World of Warcraft addict. I started playing the game in 2006. It was love at first sight. I made my first character, Myoji, a Night Elf Druid. The more I played as her, the closer I became to her. She was like a sister to me; a twin sister, even. You see, WoW was my escape from the real world. At the time, my RL (real life) wasn't easy to deal with (hell, it still isn't). In the summer of 2007, I had played for a total of 600+ hours. Crazy, I know. It was/is my life.

I quit the game for several months that year due to a conflict with someone on my server. I had abandoned my love Myoji, and I knew I wouldn't be coming back to the server, no matter how bad I felt. Myoji remains level 70 today.

Several months later, I retured to WoW. I chose a server that a few of my classmates were on. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, whatever), those kids switched to another server when they had a chance to move to a lower population server, for free. Anyway, here I made my second sister, Totalia, a Blood Elf Paladin. I made plenty of online friends. I had so much fun leveling with my good buddies. Once I reached level 80, I had time to do some of the easier raids. But not for long.

I haven't play the game in nearly a year. WoW affected my grades and my social life. I never went out, I never did homework. I even lost some friends. My mother decided it was time for her to intervene. She completely removed my computer from the house. I mean, I really don't blame her for doing so. But still, it was pretty harsh. I no longer have my escape from the cruel world. At least I think life is cruel, at this point in time. I sit and think about WoW all the time. I think about it more so lately. I'm not going to lie, I've cried about it. I just want my computer and my game back. It's everything to me.

I know this all sounds completely crazy and ridiculous, but its true. You can say that this all comes from the eyes of an addict. But hey, at least I'm not addicted to some drug. No matter how crazy and looney I sound, I had to get these feelings out. And I need to figure out a way to get WoW back, and without it affecting my life negatively.

It's here I ask that you visit my blog every now and then, possibly helping me think of ways to convince my parental units to give my computer back. I need it.