Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I had posted some old screenshots in WoW on Facebook a year or two ago. While thinking of what to blog about next, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of those screeshots on my blog. Unfortunately Facebook re-sized them so they're not the best quality, and blogger cuts off part of them, but I'm posting them anyway. What's most important for you to see is there. Here goes.

This is from summer 2008. It's a picture of my best [online] friend Kayrana getting her epic flying mount for the first time (keep in mind this is pre wrath). She had been saving up for at least a month, so we were really excited when she finally got it.

Here's Myoji in here absolutely adorable healing outfit, showing off her non-exsistant muscles when she reached level 70. /flex ♥

Three of those flaming Kara mounts. Whatever they're called.

Ah, Lady Sylvanas. She is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Warcraft/WoW character. I love her background story. Really, she just amazes me somehow. This screenshot was taken after Totalia completed The Lady's Necklace quest.

Totalia made a leveling friend. Loooooong story. I had made a lame guild that I made a bunch of friends with. Profane happened to be one of them ^_^. The guild was originally called "Heath Ledger Needs a Rez", but we got reported and had to change it. To a stupid name.

Totalia fell. If you can squint really hard, it says [Totalia]: OMG

I made an alliance friend! She was a few levels lower than me, and I helped her level. A while later, her main character met me again (who was 80, and I was not), and spared me my life, and waved. Hehe.

I have a lot more screenshots, but obviously I can't post them all. I had hundreds before I had to rebuild my computer, and like an idiot I lost them all. Anyway, it was nice for me to walk down memory lane, lol I'm so cheesy. Looking through these made my day, really. But it also made me totally upset since I can't make anymore memories like this.

I want my computer back! D:


Anonymous said...

Heath Ledger Needs a Rez : DDD <333 best guild name ever 8)