Friday, February 12, 2010

Character name origin & First time playing

Before I start today's post, I wanted to share a couple articles posted on the blogs of other BlogAzeroth members. The shared topic was about why people play WoW, and what it does for them in their personal lives. The shared topic says:

"I've felt lately that in these difficult times, one of the things people seem to lack is hope. Yet one of the things we, as gamers and bloggers seem to have a lot of are hope-filled stories. How many amazing people have we met through this "silly game"? How many inspiring stories of personal strength outside of the game have we learned of BECAUSE of the game? I'm sure you have a story, and I ask you all to share them."
The two posts I read based on this topic bascially described why I play(ed) WoW. So I figured I'd share them:
Faith, Hope, and Love  &  Teenage Wasteland or Fantastic Voyage?
They talk about the ideology of a gamer and what playing the game does for them.


So for today I picked another previous shared topic off of It goes something like this:

Character Name Origin: #1 - How did you come up with you character names? This can include alts. Like do you have a theme?
#2 - Your first time playing WoW. Tell us how "noob" you were way back when, whether that was 3mo or 3y ago, share your first experience in WoW.

1.) I'll start with Myoji, since there really isn't too much of a story to her name. At the time that I made her, I was especially into Japanese culture.  I googled "Japanese names" and went through lists and lists, and I never found any to my satisfaction. A few pages into my google search, there was a Wikipedia article on common Japanese surnames. One was Myoji. The article said it was pronounce me-oou-ji, but I didn't want to believe it. I decided it would be pronounced me-oh-ji. It made me happy. There's Myoji for you.

As for Totalia, she has even less of a background story to her name. I had her all set up on the character screen, but I just couldn't think of what to name her. At the same time, I was talking to my cousin on AIM. His online alias is Totalitus. So I was like, "lol, Totalia for a girl." And there you have it.

2.) When I first started playing, I was probably the biggest noob that had ever played the game. Well, maybe not, but whatever. I got the little armored guy on the side of the screen while I was playing, that told me my armor was broken, but I didn't know it at the time. I kept thinking to myself, "Why did that red guy appear and now it won't go away?" I kept dying after being hit two or three times, and I didn't understand why at the time. I didn't even figure it out until level 10. Stop laughing at me D: !

Another noobish thing I did was I kept the same gear on from level 20 to 35-ish. I didn't even realize gear was relevent until my friend said, "Wow you have terrible gear. Don't you change it?" All I did was sell anything new that I had obtained.

I think that's enough noob for one day. I feel ashamed to say it now, lol.

Until tomorrow (or until the next time I blog ^_^) !